Dancing Abilities[edit | edit source]

Tatara is able to do the basics of the waltz

Natural Abilities[edit | edit source]

Keen Observational Skills: Tatara's saving grace is by far his skill for observation and his ability to reproduce what he sees. He has been shown to be able to pick up ballroom dances in great details after only seeing them once. This is shown during the Mikasa cup when Tatara is forced to take over Kiyoharu's place in the competition. He tries to imitate Kiyoharu's variation with Hanaoka but is hindered due to the difference in their statures and physical abilities. This ability also impacts his leading in dance, as he is able to read his partner' body language to the point that he is able to guess where they wish to go and to guide them, as shown when he first partnered up with Mako after their failed attempt at the Ogasawara Dance Studio.

Enhanced Reflexes: Tatara has been shown to possess fast reflexes, such as when he prevented Mako from hurting herself when falling backwards by turning around to fall instead.

Enhanced Endurance:

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