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Tatara Fujita (富士田 多々良?) is a middle school student and main protagonist of Ballroom e Youkoso. He gradually develops a love for ballroom dancing and is the dance partner of Chinatsu Hiyama.


Tatara has spiky, black hair and round, gentle brown eyes. He has a thin neck, waist and arms initially but over the course of his dance lessons, he trained his body and became lean and more muscular.

During school, he wears the usual school uniform - at first, when he was in middle school (until chapter 18), he wore the traditional middle school gakuran - a white, collared shirt with dark (black or navy blue) trousers and a matching in color, collared and buttoned top. After graduating from middle school and attending high school, his uniform also changes - he wears (presumably) light gray trousers and a jacket in a darker tone of gray over a vest and collared white shirt. He also wears a striped tie

His clothing and hairstyle changes when he practices dancing or participates in competitions. When at practice he wears loose gym clothes, whereas during competitions he dresses in a black tuxedo with tails and dons men's dance shoes. His messy black hair is then combed backwards and kept in place with gel, giving him a more civilized and refined look.


Before becoming a dancer, Tatara Fujita was a timid middle school student, depressed by his lack of passion towards anything in life. Due to his low confidence, he had no drive to pursue any hobbies or activities, having little planned for his future as a result. He was shown to also be a complete pushover, unable to stand up for himself when being bullied, going as far as to just go along with it instead of even attempting to resist.

When introduced to the world of professional dance however, Fujita becomes captivated by his coach’s performance and realizes his own desire to be looked upon by others. Now having discovered his true passion, Fujita becomes dedicated to becoming a professional dancer. Though lacking in experience, Fujita has unwavering resolve and determination, willing to practice for hours in order to improve his skills.


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  • Tatara is 54 kg, and began dancing at 15 years old.
  • He was born in Itabashi, Tokyo.
  • His favorite food is Dashimaki Tamago.
  • Nomenclature:
    • 富士田 Fujita ( rice paddy )
    • 多々良 Tatara (many many skilled)