Marisa Hyoudou (Japanese: マリサ 兵藤) is Kiyoharu Hyoudou's Russian mother. She is the former professional Standard champion, and is a celebrity who is also regularly seen on television.

She mainly works as a teacher in her own studio, and has Masami Kugimiya and Tamie Idogawa as a student pair. She also later took up Tatara Fujita and Chinatsu Hiyama as students as well. She is also seen appearing as a judge in dancing competitions.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Marissa without make-up (In the Anime)

Marisa is regarded as a beautiful woman by a majority of characters in the franchise. This was outright commented on by the general audience at the Tenpei Cup, and indirectly referenced by Tatara Fujita, Gaju Akagi, and even Mako Akagi, due to their body language.

She is usually seen wearing glasses, but is also seen without them on several occasions. She has a beauty mark that is located on the right side of her face, under the lips.

She has long curly blonde hair that reaches down to around her back. She usually carefully styles it to her right side when appearing in competitions as a judge. It is usually tied up into a ponytail when she is present in her own studio. However, she has also been seen leaving her hair totally down on a few occasions.

She especially wears plenty of dresses that show off her figure, or form fitting clothes when she appears as a judge. The way she dresses has even been commented on by Kaname Sengoku. However, it is shown that she also wears more casual clothing in her own studio.

In the anime, she is seen having a brown amber hue to her eyes, which is similar to her son. Also in the anime, she is usually always seen wearing make-up even in her own studio. However, she was seen completely without it in one occasion, which was when she was talking to Tatara and Gaju after soaking in the hot springs.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Kiyoharu Hyoudou[edit | edit source]

Marisa tries to spend time with her son when she can. Kiyoharu is rather distant, but is not antagonistic towards her. She outright admits that she has very little time to spend with her son, as she is always very busy with work, and leaves him with the house. However, she gets a little frustrated with Kiyoharu's distant attitude towards her. She urges him to make the most out of their time, and briefly protests when he ignored her due to falling asleep in the car. She has also been seen briefly conversing in Russian with him.

Kaname Sengoku[edit | edit source]

The two are hinted to have a history. Sengoku does not have too much of a positive attitude towards her, and is not too pleased at all to see her when she appeared as a judge in the Tenpei Cup. He doesn't really refer to her by her name, and when he does, it is briefly and brutely as "Marisa". On the other hand, she calls him "Sengoku-san".

Shizuku Hanaoka[edit | edit source]

She calls her "Shizuku-chan", and is hinted to have been the former's teacher. She told Shizuku to do her best during the Tenpei Club. However, she also stated that she will not give Shizuku any favors during the judging, even as a "teacher".

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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