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Mako Akagi (赤城 真子 Akagi Mako?) is a second year middle school student and an amateur dancer.


Mako has been dancing with her older brother ever since she was four years old with her being the one who initiated the pair's entry into the dance world.

She wanted to do ballroom dance with her older brother to be with her, but she was too shy to ask herself so her mother did it for her. Gaju rejected the idea as he thought that dancing was a girly thing.

When her brother was playing football, some of his friends noticed and pointed to him that Mako was there watching them. He then went near her and told her that she had to go because his friends couldn't have seen him holding a girl's hand, so she went away.

He later saw her watching through the windows of a dance school and he trailed behind her.

He told her she shouldn't have been there, but she instead wanted to check more closely. She watched in awe, amazed at the sight of the skirts swirling around, and said that she wanted to be pretty like the woman who was dancing. In that moment, Gaju realized that he himself started being interested towards dance.

She thinks of herself as somewhat unworthy of her brother's partnership at first, but after competing with Fujita at the Tenpei Cup (placing seventh and winning the "Queen of Ballroom" title) she becomes more confident and comfortable with herself. Mako's relationship with her brother also improves after the events of the competition.


Mako is a short and petite young girl with short, light colored hair and large, round dark-colored or light-colored eyes that give off a sense of innocence. According to Gaju Akagi, she has small breasts which have started to grow since her partnership with Tatara Fujita. Despite her size, Mako also has a strong build, which is mostly evident when dancing, delicate shoulders, meaty lower body and small shoe size.


Mako is a shy and reserved person who is always concerned about those around her. When Hyoudou becomes injured and suspended she attempts to protect Shizuku Hanaoka from Gaju Akagi (Mako's older brother).

She displays no signs of sadness or jealousy when Shizuku and Gaju form a temporary pair as she has always felt like a burden to her brother and doesn't blame him for wanting a better partner.

As the story progresses and Mako and Gaju's relationship having improved, she becomes more aggressive and confident, yelling at her brother when he wants to skip practice and dancing with a newfound, bold passion.


In Mako's first appearance, she is seen running in the Ogasawara Dance Studio where she falls on top of Tatara Fujita and she try to warn Shizuku Hanaoka as Gaju Akagi (her older brother) enters and asks Shizuku to become his partner. Mako's brother wants to change pairs, leaving his sister behind, because he says she's too slow and pulls him down; he wants Shizuku (who is his crush since they were about nine years old) to be his new partner now that Kiyoharu Hyoudou is out of the picture.

As her brother and Shizuku dance, Tamaki Tsuburaya recommends Mako and Tatara to try to dance as they are both in the same age and is a good opportunity for Tatara; Tamaki also prone Kaname Sengoku to help them.

Tatara struggles at first, but Sengoku then explains him how to get a better hold.

As they try to dance they aren't in sync, so Sengoku hits Tatara in the back and he loses his balance. When he is about to fall on top of Mako he saves it with a quick maneuver so he falls on the floor and Mako falls on top of him.

The next day Sengoku takes Tatara in a park where Mako is waiting, Mako wants to pair up with Tatara now that her brother left her, and gives him her hands. As they are about to dance Sengoku says to Mako to do like he told her, and explains to Tatara that Mako isn't good at following any leader (as she was pair up only with her brother) so she will decide how she moves and he should read her moves. Tatara thinks that he isn't a psychic and doubts he can do it but Mako says he has done it before, he saved her when they fell, he knew she was going to step with her right foot and was able to save it. As they start to move Tatara finally sees Mako, can read her movements and move as one. After that Mako is crying and Sengoku explains is Gaju's fault as he said he will only pair up with her again if she becomes better that Shizuku, she promises she will, that she will work harder and become better. Tatara is determined to make Gaju pay and he doesn't deserve Mako-chan. As they look on the floor they see "Take a shit, Gaju", that was what Sengoku wanted Mako and Tatara to write with their footprints as they moved, Tatara says Sengoku shouldn't do that in front of a girl. This was how Mako paired up with Tatara.

Tatara challenge Gaju in a dance tournament , Tenpei Cup, a informal yet historic tournament by dance hobbyist Hanageishi Tenpei. Gaju isn't interested as he has no time but Tatara says if he and Mako win he must accept Mako-chan back. Gaju asks if they think he can defeat him, he yells at Mako for not answering and if she has something to say to go ahead but Tatara is the one calling him selfish for living his partner and taking Shizuku who already had one, he just causes trouble for everyone.


  • The name Mako means "real, genuine" (真) (ma) and "child" (子) (ko), which could possibly mean "child of truth".
  • Mako's surname Akagi means "red" (赤) (aka) and "castle" (城) (gi).


  • Mako began dancing at 4 years old.
  • Mako won the title "Queen of the ballroom" in the Tenpei cup.
  • Mako favorite food is Yaki Manju.
  • Mako was born in Kanra, Gunma prefecture.
  • Mako didn't wear a bra at her first appearance but after Tenpei cup she starts to wear one.
  • Mako's ideal type is a kind person.
  • Mako has a crush on Tatara Fujita.
  • Mako's hobbies beside dancing is drawing and creating pictures books.
  • She rents her dresses from her sponsor. Because of her small stature, she chooses bright-coloured dresses that allow ease of movement.