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Mako Akagi (赤城 真子 Akagi Mako?) is a second year middle school student and an amateur dancer.


Mako has been dancing with her older brother since she was four years old, with her being the one who initiated the pair's entry into the dance world. She thinks herself as somewhat unworthy of her brother's partnership, at first, but after competing with Fujita at the Tenpei-cup (and placing seventh) she becomes more confident and comfortable with herself. Mako's relationship with her brother also improves after the events of the competition.


Mako is a short and petite young girl with short, light colored hair and large, round dark-colored or light-colored eyes that give off a sense of innocence. According to Gaju Akagi, she has small breasts which have started to grow since her partnership with Tatara Fujita. Despite her size, Mako also has a strong build, which is mostly evident when dancing.


Mako is a shy and reserved person who is always concerned about those around her. When Hyoudou becomes injured and suspended she attempts to protect Shizuku Hanaoka from Gaju Akagi (Mako's older brother).

She displays no signs of sadness or jealousy when Shizuku and Gaju form a temporary pair as she has always felt like a burden to her brother and doesn't blame him for wanting a better partner.

As the story progresses and Mako and Gaju's relationship having improved, she becomes more aggressive and confident, yelling at her brother when he wants to skip practice and dancing with a newfound, bold passion.



  • The name Mako could possibly mean "child of truth".
  • Mako began dancing at 4 years old.
  • Mako favorite food is Yaki Manju.
  • Mako was born in Kanra, Gunma prefecture.
  • Mako has a crush on Tatara Fujita.