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Sengoku Kaname (仙谷 要, Sengoku Kaname) is a professional dancer and he teaches ballroom dancing at Ogasawara Dance Studio.


Kaname's full body and facial expressions

Kaname is a tall man who is considered to be relatively attractive with spiked cream-colored hair and brown half-lidded eyes. His body type is very muscular with a thick neck, round shoulders and very long limbs.

He usually adorns himself casually in various shirts and trousers with his biker boots. When in the dance studio he wears a simple t-shirt with dance trousers and dance shoes. When dancing his hair is gelled back and he occasionally wears eyeliner and lip balm. Kaname wears many different erotic and flamboyant costumes to compliment Chizuru.


Kaname is usually tactless and forward with most people he encounters as he assumes Tatara Fujita is looking at the poster for their dance studio while in reality he was looking at a flyer for part time work. He tends to be brash and callous at times, laughing at Jinbo's crush on Banba and telling and interviewer that he is "fucking annoying" whilst getting ready for a competition.

Kaname also seems to be careless and irresponsible as he wastes all off he and Chizuru Hongou's prize money on hostesses, provoking a three-month long fight between the two, and holds no shame towards his actions.

Aside from this, Kaname demonstrates that he can also be quite caring and protective over those he cares for such as stopping a tearful Tatara from returning to the dance floor for another round and covering his ears to prevent him from hearing the standings. He also tries to prevent Gaju Akagi from partnering with Shizuku Hanaoka, thinking he's too eccentric and slightly perverted.


During a flashback to their days competing in Juniors, Masami Kugimiya hears Kaname referred to as a "foreigner" by one of the other juniors competitors.


Not much is known of Kaname's background aside from the fact that he's been winning competitions since he was 10 years old and that he held the Amateur Latin dance title for five years straight before debuting as a professional at 21. He currently holds the titles for both Latin and Ten dance, but he is proficient enough at all styles of dance to be the only world renown Japanese professional dancer.


  • The name Kaname means "pivot; vital point, cornerstone, keystone" (要).
  • Kaname's surname Sengoku means "cent, hermit, wizard" (仙) (sen) and "stone, volume measure" (石) (goku).


  • Kaname started dancing at 13.
  • He was born in California, USA.
  • His favorite food is Italian food.
  • Kaname holds the crown for the 'Latin dance' and the 'ten dance' and specializes in latin ballroom dance.
  • Kaname could also be a Nikkei-jin; a person of Japanese ancestry that was born and raised in another country.
  • He may be a kikokushijo (or kaigaishijo); a Japanese citizen who was raised overseas and then returned to Japan.
  • He has 6% body fat.
  • The Sengoku-Hongou pair is considered as a trendsetter in terms of their style, and they regularly pose semi-nude for the ballroom dance magazine covers.