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Gaju Akagi (赤城 賀寿 Akagi Gaju?) is one of the main characters in the Ballroom e Youkoso series. He's a first year high school student (age 16) when introduced. He has been dancing with his sister Mako for ten years. His main competition in juniors were Hyodou Kiyoharu and his partner Shizuku Hanaoka. He is Chinatsu Hiyama and Fujita Tatara's Senpai in high school. Gaju lives with his uncle in Tokyo so that he can attend high school and train in the local dance studios. His sister Mako still lives at home in Gunma.


Very tall and muscular and very athletic. He has bright orange hair with eyes that are a few shades darker.


When first introduced, Gaju is a brash, impassioned dancer who’s fiery personality results in him coming off as loud-mouthed and aggressive. His short-tempered nature results in him speaking his mind and acting impulsively, resulting in him being somewhat reckless. Gaju is also very confrontational, and often uses his imposing physique to intimidate his rivals, particularly Fujita.

Gaju is extremely attracted to Shizuku, and is very upfront about his interest in “stealing” her from Kiyoharu. Due to his boisterous attitude sharply contrasting with his much more meek and passive sister, Gaju feels held back by her and seeks a partner who can keep up his spirited dance style. He was initially antagonist towards Fujita, openly stating how he hated weak and wimpy athletes like him. Nonetheless, Gaju eventually becomes something of a friend to Fujita after defending him from a group of bullies.

Gaju speaks with a Joshu dialect (a dialect from Gunma Prefecture).


Gaju was born in Kanra, Gunma prefecture.

He weighs 68 kg and began dancing at 6.

His favorite foods are Sukiyaki and Gyoza.

Kentaro Tomita (Gaju's voice actor) is dedicated to speaking regional dialects properly. To prepare for the role he visited Gunma to hear native speakers using the Joshu dialect and had a Gunma resident to check his accent in the studio during recording.

Both Shimba Tsuchiya (Tatara Fujiya) and Tomita are learning to dance for their roles in Ballroom e Youkoso in the anime’s special video program ‘Ballroom Dance Lesson'.

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